About Uesen


The Euro system Door and Window aluminium profile. It is designed to accommodate European standard equipment. So you can be sure. The systems are not adapted for installation.  It is designed with the intention to support all European standard equipment. The EUROPEAN C GROOVE system is very popular in Europe and America. Nowadays, there are many Thai company door and window systems that try to make the model compatible with this standard.


Standard C-slot system This is a system designed to allow the device to be inserted in a fixed slot. Can not change or modify the access point. Because of this, every installation is configured with the same standard for all windows and doors. You can be sure. doors and windows all of them are equipped with all the same equipment in the same format. To achieve the highest quality of European-class equipment.


With the features of the aluminum line from the United States. You can choose from a wide range of accessories. From the world’s leading brands, you have more choices for choosing from top brands. The quality and price of each brand. It has good features vary. We have expert equipment consultants to choose the right equipment for each customer. To answer the door to the door of your home.


The structure of the window system. Designed to provide a strong internal weight compartment for large modern home buildings. Under the control and testing by specialized engineers in the window and door from abroad. Interior design of the interior of the structure is not only a matter of strength. It also has a duty to receive and reduce the noise that will be affected. Including rubber. And system equipment. The effect on the actual use of windows and doors as well.


Thailand is one of the most rain-fed regions in the world. The protection and drainage system is very important to the design of the window and door in this region. We specialize in the protection and drainage of all window systems. Our system is designed from two concepts: protection and drainage of the lower rail frame, our windows have a waterproof system with higher than standard in Thailand. And for greater efficiency in drainage. The design of the lower rail system can be removed at certain points so that the tramlines can not be removed.


Aluminum line design that takes into account the safety of tampering. Extra protection against hinges from the outside. The window closes every time. No channels for tampering. It helps to lock the doors of all windows of Uesen are more secure. And with multiple locking systems in all standard window and door systems. Making our doors and windows more secure. And with high strength locking materials, you can always make sure you lock your doors every day.


The good window frame is another heart of quality. To complete the door and window function. Design to make aluminum line assembly. Installation of equipment To be perfect is very important. The use of quality machinery and modern equipment from the factory. The quality control system (QC) allows the cutting of shutters of Uesen quality as we intended. And we will maintain the quality in all the plants produced in our factory.


Good quality window door. In addition to the beautiful view of the house. The important function is good ventilation in the home. With the strength of the device and the aluminum line. It allows the layout of the blooming variety and is larger and stronger according to current needs. Uesen is one of the door systems in Thailand that meet the needs of customers in a variety of formats. We understand that. Good quality window and door. It will last a long time. It is a worthwhile investment. It still has the utmost efficiency with all doors and windows from UESEN.